Serbian for foreigners

Are you travelling across Serbia or planning to live in our country for a while? You would like to learn Serbian but you are not sure how to start? Are you afraid that our language is too hard to learn? Or maybe you already speak some Serbian and would like to improve you speaking skills?

There are two types of courses at our school, group courses and one-to-one Serbian courses (individual classes).

Group courses

Lessons per week: 3

Lesson length: 2 hours

Course duration: 5 weeks

One-to-one courses

Lesson length: 90 minutes

Lessons per week: 3

Course duration: 5 weeks

One-to-one intensive courses

Lesson length: 90 minutes

Lessons per week: 5

Course duration: 3 weeks


What you will learn in this course

How to ….

  • communicate in Serbian in everyday situations
  • speak Serbian fluently and stop being afraid of mistakes
  • communicate in Serbian when travelling
  • converse on a wide range of topics
  • improve your Serbian speaking skills

This Serbian course is designed to make you more proficient in everyday Serbian situations and activities.


serbian course
Group course 12.200 dinars
Group course/students and families 10.980 dinars
Individual lessons, 90 minutes 1.800 dinars

Fees include training plus:

  • Final test
  • Course completion certificate

Any questions? Call us (021 6341 626, 062 788 499) or email us (

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