Proveri svoje znanje engleskog

Već imate predznanje, a ne znate koji nivo je u pitanju?

Dođite na testiranje da proverimo!

Kako to ide? Postoje dva načina.

  1. Dođite lično na testiranje između 14h i 21h. Naša adresa je Gajeva 1. Nije potrebno zakazati. Testiranje traje 30 minuta, odmah ćemo vam reći koji je vaš nivo znanja i zakazaćemo prvi čas.
  2. Uradite online test (test ispod). Kada završite test dobićete vaš rezultat (broj poena). Da biste kompletirali testiranje, potrebno je da sa vašim rezultatom (brojem poena) dođete do nas na usmeni test. Nakon usmenog testa zakazaćemo vaš prvi čas. Čekamo vas!

Ako želite da se prijavite na neki od kurseva ili su vam potrebne dodatne informacije, kliknite OVDE.

Ulazni test - engleski

My name is Harumi and I ..... from Japan.

Where ........ ?

Who did ..... at the party?

'.... to New Zealand, Jenny?' 'No, I haven't.'

London is ........... city I've ever lived in.

Is he the man ....... wife is a famous painter?

The police wanted to know exactly how the money ...... stolen from the bank.

You .... tell anyone about this, Dan. It's our secret, OK?

By the time Mary gets here, the movie ...

I think you ..... leave now, it's getting late.

I wish I ...... in such an expensive country!

If Serena ..... music, she wouldn't have become a concert pianist.

I always go to the movies ...... Saturdays.

I will ..... you tomorrow.

Sam's a really .... person. He's always smiling.

It was a beautiful day so we went on a boat .... on the lake.

I have no .... what time the swimming pool opens.

It was a great meal, but pretty expensive. Just look at the ....!

Blair never leaves the house without ...... her make-up on.

Maria came back from her holiday in Spain looking really .....

She's not very interested .... languages.

My girlfriend likes .... expensive clothes.

Tom .... his parents' car when the accident happened.

I was wondering ...... tell me when the next plane from New York arrives?

If I .... you had cancelled the meeting I wouldn't have turned up!

I like your hair. Where ....?

I think Janine must ... late tonight. Her office light is still on.

John tells me Jack's going out with Tanja, ...... I find hard to believe.

We .... to the new house by the end of the week, so we won't be here on Monday.

What .... this weekend, mum?

The weather has been awful. We've had very .... sunshine this summer.

Did you hear what happened to my cousin? She ...

I often ... football when I'm at the beach.

My sister .... the cooking in our house.

Don't forget to ... the light when you go out.

I hope this cut on my leg .... quickly.

My friend just burst into ... when she heard the tragic news.

He .... that he hadn't stolen the computer, but no one believed him.

Could you .... me that book for a couple of days, please?

Greg is ..... a lot of time at Natasha's house these days!

Who .... in that house?

I will call you when I ... home.

If you .... me, what would you do?

I don't know where ... last night.

Josh and Vanesssa are coming to visit us tomorrow but I wish ....

I'm so hungry! If only Bill ... all the food in the fridge!

I regret .... harder in school.

Surely Sue .... you if she was unhappy with your work.

Our neighbours aren't very polite, and .... particularly quiet!

We had expected that they ... fluent English, but in fact they didn't.

I'd rather .... next weekend, but I do!

Harriet is so knowledgeable. She can talk about .... subject that comes up.

I always .... milk in my coffee.

I .... TV every evening.

Can you give me a .... with my bag.

Before you enter the triathlon, please bear in .... that you are not as young as you used to be.

The breath test showed he had consumed more than three times the legal limit of alcohol. So the police arrested him for .....

The meeting was ..... and not very interesting.

After the movie was released, the main .... point was its excessive use of violence.

There have been several big ..... against the use of GM foods recently.

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