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English for medical professionals

If you're a medical professional trying to level up your English and get more confident, you know something needs to change when:

• You’re not earning what you know you deserve at this point of your career.

• If you feel anxiety every time you’re interacting with a colleague or your patients in English.

• You know that the opportunities are just in front of you, but because your English isn’t good, you don’t feel confident enough to go for it.

• You’re struggling to express your ideas at conferences, or dread reaching out to fellow healthcare professionals because of your limited English.

• Maybe you’re thinking of working abroad, but feel your English is just not good enough.


My name is Maja Bogašić and I coach committed medical professionals to speak English like a pro, demonstrate their expertise effortlessly, land high-paying positions and level up their confidence.

Here is how I can help you.

I can help you level up your confidence so you can speak English fluently in any professional situation and express your ideas clearly and with ease.

You’ll be able to communicate well with your colleagues or patients and demonstrate your expertise quickly and effortlessly. You invested a lot of time in your medical training and it’s vital for you to be able to show your skills in any situation.

I will teach you how to express exactly what you want to say in professional settings and land higher paying positions.

After the program, you will learn how to use English like a pro in all kinds of professionals situations.

If you would like to find out more about my program, write to me at majabogasic@myschool.company

 I’ll be happy to give you more info.

Click HERE if you want to download my free ebook for medical professionals.

In case I cannot help you, I'll still give you some valuable tips on how to learn English more effectively.

Maja Bogašić