Present Perfect ili Past Simple?

U našem jeziku ne postoji vreme kao Present Perfect i često nas pitate kako se ovo vreme koristi i prevodi. Ako niste sigurni kada se koristi Present Perfect, kliknite OVDE i pročitajte više. Ako ste naučili kako se koristi i hoćete da proverite svoje znanje, uradite test ispod.

Present Perfect ili Past Simple?

John is phoning his girlfriend again. That is the third time he ..... her this evening.

The town where I live is very different now. It ..... a lot.

The police ..... three people, but later they let them go.

Quick! We need to call an ambulance. There ..... an accident.

What do you think of my English? Do you think it ..... ?

Jack lives in New York. He ..... there for five years.

'What's Rome like?' 'I don't know. I ..... there.'

..... you ..... your homework?

..... you ..... this book yet?

...... you ..... the piano since you were a child?

We ...... to Italy last year.

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